Welcome to my Blog!

After thinking about it for a while, I have decided to start a blog. It will mostly be a technical blog where I just document stuff that I try out in my job as an IBM Technical Presale. This can be questions I get from my customers that I try to figure out, things I am curious on trying out my self, or more generic how-to’s.

As an IBM’er, I have access to one of the largest Software stacks available. And that gives me an opportunity to fiddle around with it and test things just out of curiosity.

Since this is just me trying stuff, and figuring out ways of doing things, it is not necessarily the best-practice or IBM’s preferred way of solving what I am trying to solve in my blog posts. But it might at least give an hint and be of help for users of the Software. And if not, I have at least documented for my own bad memory…

So, Welcome to my Blog!

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