Connect IBM Control Center to a Sterling B2B Integrator Cluster

In a previous Blog Post I installed IBM Control Center 6.0 (former Sterling Control Center). But I have not yet taken it into any use.

In this short Blog Post I will configure IBM Control Center to Monitor my existing Sterling B2B Integrator Cluster. My Cluster consists of two servers, and I will add the two servers as one cluster in IBM Control Center.

Open IBM Control Center Launch Page and Console

The New Control Center has both a Web Interface and a Console Interface. Most of the day-to-day use of Control Center is done in the Web Interface. But there is still some more administrative tasks that needs to be done in the Console. Adding Servers to Monitor is one of those things.

So I start by opening the Control Center Launch Page.

ICC_LaunchPageFrom the Launch Page, I go to the IBM Control Center Console. There are several versions allocating different amounts of memory. I don’t really need a lot of memory this time.

Log In with the right Host Name, Port Number, Username and Password.


Add Server to monitor

Now, when I am inside the Console, I can add servers to monitor.

I go to Manage -> Add Server in the menu.

ICC_Console_001I then give the new Server a name and description.

ICC_Console_002The next thing is to select that this is a IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Server.

ICC_Console_003Then I add the servers I am going to monitor. I select that this is a Cluster not through a load balancer. I add the two nodes with the correct port numbers. And add the admin user for the servers. (I use the option to connect without a load balancer in this example, since I am usually using only one node, and not using my load balancer either in my demo environment.)

ICC_Console_004Next step is to decide what is going to be monitored. I Select to monitor most things, including Business Processes and File Gateway Activity since this is a test system, and I don’t want to limit anything.

ICC_Console_005I click through most of the rest and let mostly everything be at default values. I add a mail-address to be able to receive mail notifications.

ICC_Console_006In the end, I finishes up the configuration Wizard.

ICC_Console_007The result

The result is that the SI Cluster is Monitored in IBM Control Center. To test this, I executed a Business Process on both my Sterling B2B Integrator Nodes, that I knew would fail. And as the screenshot below shows, those failed Business Processes is shown in IBM Control Center. I added the column Orig Node, to be able to distinguish the two nodes the Business Process was started on.


The same result is of course also in the IBM Control Center Web GUI.



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